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Michael Good

Born in Pennsylvania to Belgian parents, Michael Good spent his childhood in both the US and in Europe. He move to New York City in the late 1950s, and there he got his start in metalworking, studying with a sculptor who taught him a few skills and techniques. Twenty years later, Good took a workshop with famed metalsmith Heikki Seppa who introduced him to the concepts of anticlastic raising, a technique Good would explore and master over the course of his career.

Anticlastic raising is the process wherein sheet metal is formed into waves and tubes using a hammer and a snake-like stake. Good blurs the line between sculpture and jewelry, bending and twisting metal into true wearable sculptures. He has won numerous awards for his designs, including awards from Intergold and Diamonds International. 
To learn more about Michael Good and anticlastic raising, visit his website.


Photo courtesy of Michael Good.