Goldsmiths Gallery

Fine Jewelry, Custom Design, Repair



The Idea

At Goldsmiths Gallery, you will find fine jewelry by recognized designer jewelers, as well as classic designs and custom work by our designers.

Our goldsmiths make jewelry using recycled metals and ethically sourced gemstones. We do all nature of repairs on the premises, whether it's repairing broken prongs, stringing pearls, sizing rings--we can even repair eyeglass frames using our laser welder. 


The Style

At Goldsmiths Gallery, we create one-of-a-kind pieces that are cast and fabricated in sterling silver, many colors and karats of gold, and platinum.  

Our jewelry collections include bridal as well as jewelry for all occasions. The gallery is small, but the selection is varied, and the possibilities are endless.

The Innovation

At Goldsmiths Gallery, our staff of trained artists can visualize clients' needs, render their ideas, and create the custom pieces of their dreams. Our custom work isn't limited to jewelry--we have created candlesticks, flatware, even metal purses.

If you have a piece that is old, worn out, or just not your style, and we can redesign it to make it "you."


The People

Paula Colgan Heath, designer and owner of Goldsmiths Gallery, is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City. Paula spent over thirty years on New York’s 7th Avenue as a daytime and evening dress designer, working for a variety of labels and designers including The Kollection Ltd Joan Leslie and Maggie London Dress. A native of Concord, New Hampshire, Paula returned to her hometown in 2005, and shortly thereafter became the Gallery Manager at Mark Knipe Goldsmiths. She opened Goldsmiths Gallery in early 2017. Her background in fashion and design makes her extremely well-suited to designing or selecting jewelry to complement a customer’s wardrobe and lifestyle. 


Eric Janelle is a goldsmith and designer with over twenty years experience in the jewelry industry, sixteen of which were spent at Mark Knipe Goldsmiths. After four years at Notre Dame College in Manchester, New Hampshire, Eric graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine art. He is a Jewelers of America “Certified Bench Jeweler Technician.” Eric designs and fabricates custom jewelry for clients as well as one-of-a-kind jewelry for Goldsmiths Gallery. By making superb wax carvings, he helps others clarify their ideas and transforms them into reality. In addition to working with precious metals and gemstones, Eric carves woolly mammoth tusk, and has developed a line of jewelry highlighting this rare material. 


Joy Raskin, a native of New Hampshire, grew up deeply immersed in the arts. In 1984, she took her first jewelry making course while in high school. This was the start of her career, and it was only two years later that she became one of the youngest craftspeople to be accepted into the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen. She completed a BFA in Jewelry/Metals at the Rhode Island School of Design and earned an MFA in Program in Artistry at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, focusing on flatware and gaining the nickname “Spoon Lady.” Since then, she’s grown into a creative metalsmith, fabricating everything from tiny rings to six-foot welded steel sculpture. She’s also a teacher, teaching a broad range of jewelry making and metalsmithing techniques at schools across New England. 


Gail Joy Nelson, Graduate Gemologist Appraiser, is a professional independent appraiser, qualified as an expert in the evaluation and the valuation of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones. She is a 1988 graduate of the resident program of the Gemological Institute of America and has worked in the greater Concord area since 1992. She provides our clients at Goldsmiths Gallery appraisals for various needs, including appraisals for Insurance, Estate Tax, Division of Property, Damage and Loss, Charitable Donation, Liquidation and Expert Witness. Gail has a portable laboratory and it is possible to appraise items off-site, such as in the home or at an office. Appraisals are done by appointment and you may schedule a time to remain with your item or items. To see a list of upcoming dates when Gail will be in-house here at Goldsmiths Gallery, click here.